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Oh Paris, yes I've been there and it's a great city. And there is so much more of France. My parents took us there cipamng when we were young. One of the best places I've been: La Mare Oux Oiseaux. Great place, superb food, really nice garden with funny chickens and you can book a room too. I really wanno go there again sometime. (www.mareauxoiseaux.fr).Another great experience for me was when my parent took me to the D-day beaches and other important D-day places. I was around 18 and I found it a live changing experience! We went to the beaches, pointe du hoc, the graveyards of the american and germans. One thing that made me feel the abnormity of Hitlers campain was that more than half of the dead soldiers on the german graveyard were jonger than me. If you're going in that direction don't forget to visit the city of Bayeaux and a good tip: get your breakfast at Cafe9 inn'. the owner makes it for you and you eat it in the store. which has walls full of theepots and theecups! Just lovely (Salon de the9 Torre9faction 67 rue saint Martin 14400 Bayeux)Love Susan

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