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My name is Angel Dawson I am 7 year old and I live in Banrsley, England I like school becasue I love witing. Our school is cool and we learn french this term our topic is Vikings we have leant about viking that they trash the place . They also farmed lots. Soon we are making viking sword and shield. Vikings sailed in long boats and they sailed to greenland and other place they eat chiken and veg and fruit. vikings fished and wear hats with horns. They come from sweeden, Norway, Denmark.


This video identifies the prbelom, increasing health care costs, but does nothing to address them. Covering more people can do only one thing cost more money.Real reform would include tort reform, shopping across state lines (increasing competition), offering different levels of plans including basic coverage for catastrophic events rather than only the one-size, fits-all, comprehensive plans. Medical savings accounts that don't expire every year would allow people to self-insure.

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