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This unrealistic approach will sap your energy and draw your focus from more important things. Remember that the goal of organizing is to live your life the way you choose, while setting up your home and schedule to support you.


It's too late to buy insurance for seoithmng that already happened. Medicaid will cover, retroactively back to the date on your APPLICATION. Some hospitals that TAKE medicaid, would have you fill the application out right there, as you're being treated. But if you haven't applied for it yet, it won't cover these bills. You need to call the hospital first, and talk to the billing department, and see if they can write off some or all of the bills due to your financial situation. They're not obligated to do this, so be sweet when you talk to them. Besides that, you can contact your local Catholic Charities and ask for help (you don't have to be Catholic), or your church family, and family and friends. If all else fails, you are going to have to get a job while you're in college, to cover a payment plan for these bills. Or a second job. You're at that point in your life, where you probably can't afford to be a college student any more.

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